The MIO (AMU partner) is a multidisciplinary research laboratory in Marine Sciences which, as IMBE, is part of the OSU-Pytheas (Observatory of Sciences of the Universe Pythéas), which provides diving facility and other long-term high-frequency hydrological data. The collaboration focuses on combining connectivity inferences based on population genetics (IMBE) and on physical oceanography (MIO). Under the joint administrative direction of Aix-Marseille University, Toulon University, the CNRS and the IRD, it is composed of more than 200 people including about 100 Professors, Associate Professors and Researchers, about 50 engineers and technicians, around 50 doctoral students as well as an administrative team supporting research. Its overarching goal is to better understand the oceanic system and its evolution in response to global changes. Main research fields include the oceanic and atmospheric circulation, marine ecosystems and biodiversity as well as ocean pollution. Other MIO scientists involved in SEAMoBB have leading roles in monitoring ecological communities and environmental variables of local artificial reefs as well as expertise in the engineer roles of macrophytes and the development of various indicators of marine ecosystem ecological statuses.