This work-package is leaded by Anne Chenuil (coordination, management) and Sandrine Ruitton (outreach)

This WP is a way to materialize the amount of time necessary to ensure the good coordination and accomplishment of the project. Apart from ensuring project coordination and respect of the work plan, an important goal of WP7 is the relationships with persons and institutions external to SEAMOBB, from both academic and non-academic professionals, for spreading our goals and results, and stimulating monitoring initiatives of marine hard bottoms. We will seek additional supports from national and regional funders (e.g. for France : Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur and Occitanie regions, INEE CNRS, Water French Agency, Biodiversity French Agency, private Fundations) in order to extend our outreach and influence and to strengthen some aspects of our researches (PhD funding).